Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Muslim fraternity at the Defence Headquarters, Nairobi, joined their counterparts across the globe in intensifying acts of worship during the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Ramadan is a time to practice restraint and refocus on spiritual growth or advancement. It is the month in which it is believed that the Holy Qur’an was sent down from heaven as a guidance for men and women, a declaration of direction, and a means of salvation. Fasting, one of the tenets of Ramadhan is an act of piety that Muslims undertake to achieve God-consciousness.
Whilst explaining the significance of Ramadhan, Chairman of the Kenya Defence Forces Muslim Council, Brigadier (Dr) Ismail Awle, explained the importance of Ramadhan to the Muslim faithful present and urged them to strive and observe the Holy month.

He further emphasised the importance of self-control saying, “This Holy month teaches us to stay away from worldly temptation such as stealing, fornication and adulterous behaviour. Self-introspection is key during this period. Work hard, pray hard so that your fasting is accepted “.

In his speech to the congregation, Service Imam Kenya Army, Colonel (Imam)Rajab Athman, emphasised the need to engage in charitable acts to expiate and cleanse one’s sins.

In tandem with the teachings of Islam to break fast with dates, Brigadier (Dr) Ismail Awle, Col (Imam) Rajab Athman, and the Muslim Sub-branch distributed dates to those in attendance.

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