KDF Ranks

The Military ranks of Kenya are the military insignia used by the Kenya Defence Forces.  Unlike other Commonwealth armed forces, the rank system used by the RAF and the RN is not used.

Members of Kenya Defense Forces operate in a systematic manner, guided by unmatchable discipline and respect depending on the rank of an officer.

KDF comprises of three sister services namely; Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force and Kenya Navy. The three are under service commanders who oversee their operations.

Regardless of one’s service affliction, promotion is strictly based on merit. It applies both for commissioned and non commissioned officers.



It is highest rank in Kenya Military, only one person can hold the position at the time.The promotion in the forces are basing on; education of an officer from Defense college, years served in Military discipline and respect depending on ranks of an officer.

Lieutenant- General

The second highest rank in military. They are at times called three-star generals. Those with the post can be Vice Chief of Defense Forces, Service commander in the services or those in charge of National Defense College.

Major General

They are in charge of promotions in military and at times are called two-star generals. Some can be promoted as service commanders.


To become a Brigadier, one must have served to at least 12 years and shown excellence in service. They are in charge of brigades and battalions.


They serve as staff in KDF. Must have been trained in Defense Staff College.


These are officers who can be charge of up to 600 troops.


Officers holding the rank must have served up to eight years. They are usually involved in decision making process.


Those in this category, must have served up to six years. They are usually in charge of up to 50 officers.


Officers holding this rank must have served for around three to five years.

Second Lieutenant

The position held by the officer after two years of graduation from KMA

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