KDF under the Security Sector Counter Violent Extremism program(SSCVE) in conjunction with the National Police Service Directorate, undertook a counterterrorism sensitization and awareness program aimed at increasing competency among the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Anti-terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) officers at the DCI ATPU training center.

National Counter Terrorism Centre’s (NCTC) Colonel Yahya Mohamed, who presided over the event, elucidated that the multi-agency approach has recorded several milestones, especially since the initiation of the SSCVE program seven years ago. He however warned that terrorism is a menace that is constantly morphing into different and advanced forms. He cautioned on the need to challenge and improve the countering approaches.

“Our program embraces a more welcoming approach towards the youth as opposed to the use of force. It focuses on de-radicalization training and giving the youth a sense of belonging all while instilling various handy skills that can be used in their daily lives,” he noted.

Annihilation of violent extremism, Colonel Yahya says is a long and grueling process but can be achieved with security forces maintaining a united front and working closely with vulnerable groups such as women, youths, and children in madrassas.

The Security Sector Counter Violent Extremism program is designed to equip uniformed personnel with a comprehensive understanding of the ideological underpinnings driving radical extremism. By gaining insight into the broader spectrum of terrorist threats, this program aims to significantly improve response strategies and develop more effective methods for combating terrorism. This initiative represents a proactive step towards enhancing National Security and countering extremism with informed, strategic actions.

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