Families of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) whose spouses are set to be deployed in peace keeping missions outside Kenya on 03 November 2022 were taken through pre-deployment counselling facilitated by Members of the Military Wives Association of Kenya (MWAK) jointly with officials from the Compensation and Welfare Department from Defence Headquarters.

The event that was held at Kahawa Garrison, Nairobi touched on various aspects among them mental health, financial support, family wellbeing and was aimed at ensuring that KDF families are holistically strong and formidable in line with MWAK vision.

The Vice Chairlady, Mrs Aileen Ogolla in her remarks retaliated the mission of the Association in improving the welfare and wellbeing of KDF families among them the serving, retired, orphans and widows in line with their motto of ‘Walking Far Together.’

She urged the ladies to make their homes bearable safe havens for their spouses and children so they may have peace of mind to enable them be effective and efficient in their line of duty.

Her sentiments were echoed by Mrs Roseline Wesonga, a MWAK member who urged the women to be responsible and courteous so they can make their spouses live at peace.
“Let’s not make our homes war-zones. Be humble, know when to listen and when to talk. Avoid comparing your home with that of your friends since you shall end up stressing your spouses,” said Mrs Wesonga.

The Chief of Compensation and Welfare (C&W) Brigadier Khaoya urged those present to press their spouses to formulate their wills so they can ensure the families are adequately and quickly compensated in case of any adverse eventuality.
“A battleground is not a bed of roses. When your spouses leave for such missions and operations, the best thing for you to do is to give them sufficient peace and take care of the resources they leave in your care. Ensure you’re dependable stewards so they may be at peace as they serve and even when they return,” said Brigadier Khaoya.
He implored the participants to be responsible and to make good use of finances when their spouses are at the frontline in the battle ground and challenged them to also make worthy investments.

MWAK has equally empowered KDF families especially widows through economic empowerment forums in pursuit of their mentorship pillar by giving them opportunities to participate in income generating activities like catering services to enable them be financially stable.

MWAK members, Camp Commandant Colonel Samson Kasura, Senior Officers, Officers and service members were in attendance.

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