The Kenya Defence Forces’ 11 Battery Air Defence (AD) in collaboration with Beyond Zero mobile clinic and Mugie Ranch Conservancy today concluded a two-day medical campaign conducted in Lodabu, Posta and Survey areas in Laikipia County.

The campaign was geared towards promoting cancer awareness and its screening with the community also benefiting from the generalised medical care that accompanied the drive.

Battery Commander (BC) Major Felix Mackenzie lauded the collaboration noting that the medical camp was crucial in improving the healthcare of the local communities as well as fostering good relations with the security personnel working to pacify the region. He further encouraged the locals to shun away from banditry and its vices and instead, embrace peace and self-development.

“This region bears great potential, but it is only when you as a community come together, hands joined, that real change and rapid development will manifest itself. This is the time to turn away from the practices that have caused nothing but conflict and stagnation within yourselves and the region as a whole and, embrace the bright future that Laikipia’s tomorrow promises,” he said.

The drive reached out to more than 300 patients some of whom were screened for both breast and cervical cancer. Three cases of thermal abrasion were recorded with two breast ultrasounds being sent for further examination. The other common ailments that were treated included respiratory tract infections, mild eye infections, wound dressing and mild malnutrition.

The locals thanked and lauded the three organisations for their continued efforts towards a more medically integrated Laikipia and especially looked forward to more of the same in the near future.

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