The Commander Kenya Navy Major General Jimson Mutai presided over the graduation ceremony of Junior Officers at Kenya Naval Training College (KNTC) on 09 August 2021.

The course, commonly known as the Conversion Course, is the initial basic naval course that inducts the officers into the environment of the seafarers immediately after they graduate from the Kenya Military Academy. It is aimed at equipping the Young Officers with necessary basic skills and knowledge in Maritime domain, to effectively execute their duties both onboard Kenya Navy ships and ashore establishments to enhance mission readiness.

During the ceremony, the KNTC Commandant Colonel Aden Mohamed expressed his satisfaction and delight in witnessing the 19 Junior Officers graduate after undergoing a rigorous twenty-months training. He stated that the conversion course is designed to last for eleven months but due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic the programmed timelines had to be adjusted resulting into the unprecedented extension. He also noted that the graduation marks an important milestone to the graduates who have crossed a new boundary in their career.

In his speech, Maj General Jimson Mutai commended the graduates for the exemplary work exhibited throughout the training period despite the challenges experienced emanating from the COVID-19 epidemic.
“This course has laid down the basic foundation that equips the Young Officers with the initial professional skills and knowledge necessary to operate in the maritime environment effectively’’ noted Commander Kenya Navy. ‘‘I congratulate the graduating officers and the college fraternity for successfully transforming the Junior Officers into naval officers which will pave the way for them into joining the international community of seafarers’’.
He advised the graduands to firmly hold the mantle of seafarers and practice the knowledge acquired over the last twenty months in order to efficiently operate in the vast seas and oceans of the world.

The Junior Officers graduation ceremony hallmarks the readiness of the young officers for deployment on board the ships for further training to cement their knowledge gained and also act as divisional officers in various Kenya Navy Units and Formations.

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