The Chief of Defence Forces General Robert Kibochi today, 15th February 2023, officially commissioned Ulinzi Main Gate House at the Defence Headquarters in Nairobi.

The construction of the modern Ulinzi Main Gate House is part of the modernization of the Ministry of Defence Headquarters aimed at its securitization as well as improving the traffic flow around the ministry and its environs.

While commissioning the facility, the CDF underscored its importance emphasizing that it will provide an ambient working environment for soldiers, as it is equipped with the modern state of the art technology capable of continuous monitoring and assessment of the security situation in and around Defence Headquarters.

General Kibochi pointed out that the operationalisation of the facility is an indication of a Defence Force that is dynamic, and in keeping with the times of mission readiness that has been indoctrinated into the service and lead by example as by its motto ‘Tip of the arrow’.

He further noted that the construction of the facility is strategic since its location is near the bus stop at CITAM Valley road which makes it easily accessible to both soldiers and civilian staff accessing the camp.

The construction of the modern Ulinzi Main Gate House was spearheaded by KDF in conjunction with defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) and Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA).

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