A multi agency meeting under the guidance of 2nd Brigade Commander Brigadier Peter Assava facilitated reconciliation between the Pokot and Ilchamus communities in Baringo. The two communities through their leaders agreed to end their differences and work towards coexistence.

Among issues discussed was the boundary dispute between Mukutani and Makutano to which the elders agreed to have the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission resolve for ease of administration.

The communities also agreed to end the perennial banditry saying they welcome the amnesty issued by government for illegal herders to leave the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, an issue that had created conflict between the locals and the illegal grazers leading to the government declaring the region disturbed and launching an operation that has since seen calm return to the area.

Further, the elders resolved to talk to their communities to voluntarily begin a process of returning illegal weapons to the government.

The two communities further agreed to have regular joint market days at Mukutani to engage in business towards creating harmony amongst them as they also rally parents to put their children back to school.

Key Leader Engagement is proving to be one of the best approaches to conflict resolution in Laikipia towards enhancing peaceful coexistence amongst pastoralist communities. The government is also opening up roads in the area and offering support to families affected by the recent instability to rebuild their homes.

Brigadier Assava thanked the elders for turning up in large numbers and heeding to the government’s call to end the perennial conflict.


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