Members of the Military Wives Association of Kenya (MWAK) led by the Chairlady Mrs. Aileen Ogolla jointly with the Compensation and Welfare Department from Defence Headquarters today conducted pre-deployment counselling for Kenya Navy Sailors and their families at Kenya Navy Base (KNB) Mtongwe, Mombasa.

The sailors are set to be deployed in a peace keeping mission of African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS III). The programme addressed various topics among them mental health, financial support, family wellbeing and was aimed at ensuring that Sailors families are holistically strong and formidable.

In his remarks, Commander Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe, Brigadier Peter Chelimo advised the sailors to work as one force to achieve one mission while flying the Kenyan flag.

“You are taking a ship with all the necessary equipment and staff. This therefore calls for teamwork while navigating the ship. The ship flies the flag of the country and you serve as ambassadors of the country. This mission is a symbol of hope for the country. Our actions and decisions will shape the course of events. You have to work as one force to achieve one mission.”

MWAK chairlady Mrs Aileen Ogolla noted the importance of maintaining communication with families during the mission.

“We are here today to explore the importance of maintaining communication with your families besides focusing on the mission. Despite the fact that you are going in a group you are individuals and setting personal goals is of essence”. Said Mrs. Ogolla.

The Chief of Compensation and Welfare (C&W) Brigadier John Khaoya urged the sailors to make an effort to support their spouses to serve the nation. He encouraged the military wives who haven’t joined MWAK to make an effort to join and enjoy the knowledge and benefits. He also emphasized on the pillars of a commander’s role during the mission.

“There are only two pillars of a commander’s role which are the accomplishment of a mission and the welfare of his personnel. The latter is where MWAK comes in, ” he advised.

Dr. Mary Odhiambo, a member of the MWAK secretariat additionally advised the military wives on the importance of effective and good communication with their spouses while deployed.

Mrs. Grace Amogola the head of the Partnership, Collaboration and Funding Pillar in MWAK took them on matters finances, she stated that it’s vital for the military wives to learn how to save and manage their finances for the betterment and continual growth of their families.

Present during the event were MWAK Members, Senior Officers, Officers, Service Members and Families.

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