Kenya Navy Junior Leadership Course (JLC) reached its culmination today, in a graduation ceremony presided over by Commander Kenya Navy Fleet, Brigadier Sankale Kiswaa, at the 15 Kenya Rifles in Mombasa County.

JLC is geared towards laying a foundation upon which the Kenya Navy prepares and equips its Service Members with tools to exercise leadership and command over subordinates. It also enables them to be resourceful to superiors in prudent management of human and other resources at the lowest level of command in the military.

In his address to the graduands, Brigadier Kiswaa commended them for their good performance citing high expectations from their superiors, peers and subordinates which will be pegged on a higher pedestal than before the training.

“ I would like to encourage you to become updated by reading and applying the Kaizen Philosophy. As Service Members on board Kenya Navy Ships and ashore establishments and Formations, you will be expected to execute tasks assigned with professionalism and with regard to the knowledge and skills you have acquired over the past two months here and at the Kenya School of Adventure and Leadership,” said the Fleet Commander.

He also challenged them to endeavour to portray a high level of discipline, commitment and resilience wherever deployed.

Throughout the eleven weeks of rigorous training, the students honed their skills, cultivated teamwork, and embraced the principles of effective leadership; making them poised to embark on their respective journey within the Kenya Navy.

Deputy Commandant Kenya Naval Training College, Lieutenant Colonel Javan Makunda, underscored the need for the Kenya Navy to create sailors who can effectively, command and manage juniors within the divisional system.

“The course is designed to assess, evaluate and test students in both practical and theoretical aspects of leadership. They have been given the tools of trade and they will be expected to consistently apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired for tasks assigned on board ships and ashore establishments,” said Lieutenant Colonel Makunda.

Awards were presented to the students who demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.

Present during the ceremony were Deputy Kenya Navy Base Commander Colonel Wilberforce Murimi, Chief of Naval Medical Services Colonel (DR) Muithya Ngundo, senior officers, officers and sailors.

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