27 Mechanized Infantry Battalion troops (27MIB), deployed at Konton, Wajir County, conducted CIMIC activities and Key Leadership Engagement at Konton Centre.

Led by the Officer Commanding (OC), Major Lucas Gitari, the troops provided medical aid to local residents, focusing primarily on the elderly, women, and children with diverse medical needs. They also engaged with local leaders on key security issues in the area.

The troops also donated sports kits after participating in a football match with the local football team which ended in a 3-3 draw.

Major Gitari expressed his gratitude to the locals and community leaders for their efforts in sharing valuable information that enhances the security of the area and key infrastructure. He encouraged maintainance of the strong working relationship to safeguard the area and ensure sustainable peace, facilitating development efforts by both national and county governments.

“Let us maintain the good working relationship as we forge ahead in improving security and creating a conducive environment for development to take place,” Major Gitari stated.

Mr. Hassan Mohammed, the area Chief, expressed his appreciation for the KDF’s continued generosity and commitment to the community’s welfare, a sentiment echoed by the village elders who were present.

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