Kenya Army Commanding Officers and Commandants have begun an annual conference, which is aimed at reviewing their performance, discussing their Units operational and mission readiness and developing approaches to the imminent threats faced as they execute the Kenya Army mandate.

The conference under the theme ‘Committed to Mission Readiness through Focused Leadership’ offers the Commanding Officers and Commandants a platform to exchange ideas and building team spirit as they manage the affairs of the Kenya Army.

In his keynote address while opening the conference, Commander Kenya Army Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Peter Njiru urged the Commanding Officers and Commandants to ensure they remain focused and committed to duty in order to ensure they achieve various tasks that they are assigned.

‘‘You hold key appointments that shape the Units that you lead therefore you must always ensure that you lead by example in order to have a formidable force that you can always depend on,’’ said Lt Gen Njiru.

Lt Gen Njiru further added: ‘‘Without such gatherings and applying lessons from the contemporary battlefield and operations, some mistakes may be repeated in the future. Therefore, we must understand the indispensable importance of lessons learnt, which is meant to improve performance in our duties.’’

Further Lt Gen Njiru assured the military leaders that the Kenya Army will continue to expand and mordenise its Units and Formations in line with the Strategic Defence Plan and the strategic Defence and Strategic Review which entails acquisition of systems and equipment that will provide certain desired capabilities to counter current and future threats.

In his speech during the conference, Deputy Army Commander Major General (Maj Gen) William Shume thanked the Commanding Officers and Commandants for their hard work and selflessness in ensuring the Kenya Army mandate is achieved by being the pivots between the Kenya Army leadership, Officers and the Service Members.

‘‘You hold critical positions that are core to the delivery of the Kenya Army mandate. I am glad that your efforts are bearing fruits in ensuring we deliver on our mandate,’’ said Maj Gen Shume.

The Conference was attended by among others General Officer Commanding Eastern Command Maj Gen Juma Mwinyikai, selected Formation Commanders and Chiefs of Branches at the Headquarters Kenya Army among other Kenya Army Senior Officers.

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