The Lamu Port, South Sudan, Ethiopia Transport corridor (LAPSSET) project management team, and KDF hosted the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Dr. Zhou Pingjian.

The Ambassador’s visit was to establish the progress of Kenya /China projects under the (LAPSSET) program.

This strategic infrastructure by the Kenyan government, aims at enhancing connectivity and economic growth across eastern border countries, embodied by the development of the Lamu Port and an extensive supporting road network, which extends to North-Western Kenya and touching the borders of Uganda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia

Dr, Zhou expressed his satisfaction with the infrastructural progress and the security measures adopted to ensure the safety of the workers and a conducive working environment.

This engagement affirmed the partnership between Kenya and China.It further highlights the significant strides being made in realizing the LAPSSET program, which promises to unlock economic potential and foster regional integration.

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