Troops stationed at Bullagolol Forward Operation Base (FOB) under Operation Amani Boni in Garissa County recently conducted a humanitarian civic action in the general area of Gubis. The purpose of this action was to provide medical services to the local residents, strengthen the relationship between the soldiers and the locals, and raise awareness about healthcare management, including the prevention and management of common and non-common ailments.

Major Cyrus N. Waweru oversaw the CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) patrol, which aimed to bring medical services closer to the locals and foster a positive connection between the soldiers and the community. During a Key Leader Engagement (KLE) session, Maj. Waweru expressed gratitude to the locals for their support and assured them that their guidance would always be sought whenever problems arose. He emphasized the importance of their continued support as they worked together toward the progress of the nation.

In addition to providing medical services, the troops also donated assorted foodstuffs to the residents, demonstrating their compassion and commitment to humanity. The exercise included Key Leader Engagement sessions where local leaders, led by Mr. Mohamed Ali Juma, the chair of the council of elders, and his assistant Abdula Bihe, acknowledged the positive impact of Bullagolol FOB and other security agencies on the overall security situation. They pledged their support to the troops, assuring them that they would stand against any internal or external threats that could hinder development in the region.

Despite the challenges faced by the community, such as water scarcity during dry seasons and the absence of permanent medical facilities, the presence of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in the area is seen by the elders as a vital link between them and the national government.

The community, represented by their leaders, expressed deep appreciation for the contribution of the troops, not only in terms of security but also in improving their lives. They acknowledged the continuous support provided by the security agencies in the region and emphasized the importance of ongoing collaboration to ensure the success of the LAPPSSET project for socio-economic development in their region.

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