Operation Amani Boni personnel together with 8th Brigade Commander, Brigadier David Chesire visited primary schools in Lamu County including Milimani, Basuba, Mangai, and Mararani respectively.

The visit served to fortify Kenya Defence Forces’ (KDF) commitment to community social responsibility and the betterment of communities in the region, and additionally serve to foster and strengthen relationship between the troops serving under Operation Amani Boni (OAB) and the local populace.

During the visit, Brigadier Chesire took to motivating Grade 6 candidates preparing for the upcoming KPSEA CBC Exams and also added to their inventory by ensuring they received stationeries to aid them during their exams. Also recognizing the unique needs of the girl child; they were distributed with sanitary towels in order to promote their dignity and self-esteem who too often face barriers to their education due to the lack of proper hygiene products.

In Milimani, a joint medical camp was also organized by the KDF in partnership with the County Government of Lamu Health Department. It saw locals received free consultancy in general ailments, health and nutrition, family planning among others. A collaborative effort showcasing the commitment to the overall well-being of the community.

The scheduled visit further extended to the General Service Unit (GSU), Border Patrol Unit (BPU) and Special Operations Group (SOG) camps situated in Milimani, Basuba, Mangai, and Mararani; all which are integral parts of the Operation Amani Boni troops.

In his address to the troops, Brigadier Chesire expressed his gratitude for their unwavering commitment and sacrifices to serve the nation in their respective roles noting it to be integral to fulfilling their core mandate of protecting and defending the nation. He further urged the troops to keep their spirits and motivation high as they continue with their tour of duty.

The visit culminated with an engagement with locals of Basuba village. Spearheaded by the area chief, Babetu, the residents lauded efforts by security forces in ensuring their protection. They also extended their gratitude for the various CIMIC programmes in the area which have come handy in alleviating their challenges.

During this visit, Brigadier Chesire was accompanied by agency Commanders including GSU Senior Superintendent Maurice Odanga, BPU Commander Senior Superintendent Mwenga and CEC for Education Lamu County Mr. Sebastian Owanga.

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