Chief of the Defence Staff of Sri Lanka Armed Forces (CDS SLAF) General Shavedra Silva on Tuesday 26th March 2024 delievered a lecture of opportunity at the National Defence College (NDC) at Karen, Nairobi.

While making his address based on the theme “The Role of military in the statecraft”, General Silva mentioned the crucial part played by the inclusion of proffesionalism and knowledge in guiding military decision making and engagements, particulary with the continous evolution of the nature of modern global conflict. He cited the importance of public/community engagement on every military operation, noting that unlike during the era of the world wars, it would be impractical for militaries to undertake any operations without involving civilian populations.

“The modern day changing landscape of conflict requires nuanced understanding of the local context, the social and political situation, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with civilian agencies and international partners,” he said.

The CDS noted that the complexities of the contemporary security environment demand a new approach to statecraft, one that embraces innovation, collaboration and a commitment to high professionalism standards.

General Silva was hosted at NDC by the outgoing NDC Commandant Major General Rashid Elmi as well as Senior Directing Staff Air Force Major General Fatma Ahmed, Senior Directing Staff Army Major General Stephen Mutuku, Deputy Commandant Ambassador Simon Nabukhwesi among other senior officers.

General Silva then visited the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) where he was received by the Director Brigadier Joyce Sitienei and Chief of Staff Lietenant Colonel Tobes Lyle who provided a briefing on the institution, which has been instrumental in providing training for peace support operations. Senior Officers were in attendance.

The CDS is on a week long, bilateral military coperation oriented visit to Kenya, where he has been touring various KDF establishments.

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