The East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) troops led by the Contingent Commander Colonel Daniel Rotich on Wednesday, 4th January 2022 conducted reconnaissance patrols within the localities of Rumangambo, Kisigari and Rugari in North Kivu Province.

The patrols are in compliance with the deployment of EACRF to Rumagambo by 5th January after the withdrawal of the M23 armed group in compliance with the Luanda mini-summit of 23rd November 2022.

Today’s patrols aimed at assuring the locals of their safety and assessing their needs towards finding a wholesome approach in addressing their challenges for peaceful coexistence for socioeconomic prosperity.

M23 has committed to a coordinated, sequenced and systematic withdrawal from Rumagambo, Kishishe and other areas within Eastern DRC with EACRF poised to take over and enhance security in vacated areas.

This is a critical milestone in the implementation of the Luanda Communique. EACRF calls for continued collaboration among the locals, state and non-state actors in the ongoing peace and stability efforts in Eastern DRC.

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