Kenya Army soldiers from the Kenya Army Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (KACEME) in conjunction with Greens of Africa Foundation on Friday 03 March 2023 conducted a tree planting exercise at the Kahawa Garrison. The initiative geared towards environment conservation was conducted to mark Africa Environment Day/ Wangari Maathai Day which was established by the Organisation of African Union now African Union in 2002 as a way of raising awareness on the pressing environmental challenges facing the continent.

KACEME Corps Commander Colonel Anthony Wambugu urged the soldiers to take environment conservation efforts seriously and not only participate in activities at the barracks but also replicate the same efforts at their homes.

‘‘Climate Change is the greatest unseen enemy we are facing as humankind across the globe. It requires concerted efforts of everyone to reverse the negative impacts of environment degradation that has caused a lot of the challenges we are currently experiencing,’’ said Colonel Wambugu.

Greens of Africa Foundation Chief Executive Officer Jedidah Wanyeki lauded the Kenya Defence Forces troops for their efforts in promoting environment conservation through the Environmental Soldier Programme (ESP).

‘‘The soldiers are playing a critical role of environment conservation through ESP. Other than defending our territorial integrity, the ESP is a game changer in contributing towards total national defence of our republic,’’ said Wanyeki.

In the tree planting exercise that saw over 6,000 tree seedlings planted, majority of them being fruit trees. They included avocado, mango, macadamia and jamun. Other indigenous trees that were planted include neem and ashok trees.

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