The Military Wives Association of Kenya (MWAK) Chairlady Mrs. Aileen Ogolla officiated a military wives pre-deployment counselling program at the Kenyatta Barracks in Gilgil.

The MWAK delegation was received by the General Officer Commanding Western Command (GOC-WESTCOM) Major General Jeff Nyagah who lauded the MWAK  members for the initiative of championing for the welfare of KDF families.

The forum provided a platform for the soldiers’ wives to interact with MWAK leadership in sharing ideas geared towards addressing some of the challenges faced while their spouses are on deployment in various operation/mission areas.

Speaking at the event, Mrs. Ogolla expressed her appreciation towards the military wives for tirelessly providing the much-needed support system for their military families. She further encouraged them to endeavor towards self-development projects, noting it to be fundamental in facilitating a functional, stable and thriving family.

“We as MWAK are here to ensure that the families of our military personnel are well taken care of in all matter’s welfare. When our spouses get deployed, it often befalls the wives to step in and manage the household in their absence. It is therefore crucial that we address the challenges that come with the added responsibilities, and help each other through the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Compensation and Welfare (C&W) offices,” she said.

In his address, GOC-WESTCOMM Maj Gen Nyagah lauded MWAK leadership for tirelessly championing the welfare matters of KDF families, noting it to be instrumental in cultivating a conducive environment which facilitates the better mindset of soldiers who in turn would undoubtedly perform better in their duties and assignments.

Also at the function, MWAK member Mrs Faith Nkatha took the opportunity to share her personal experience on overcoming challenges that may present themselves in the course of a spouse’s deployment.

She narrated of how she was able to process the initial shock and her struggle towards regaining a stable home even after the loss of her husband who was deployed. She further appreciated the military for holding her hand through the difficult journey and encouraged those with a similar experience to “take advantage of the available channels to fast-track their journey towards regaining a semblance to normalcy.”

Dr. Mary Odhiambo, also a member of MWAK, additionally advised the military wives on the importance of effective and good communication with their spouses while they are out on deployment.  On matters finances, she stated that it’s vital for the wives to learn how to save and manage their finances for the betterment and continual growth of their families.

In line with the days’ agenda, those present were taken through the various savings and investment options they could capitalize on by the Defence Sacco (DESACCO). Major Reverend Samson Gacathi also enlightened them on the detrimental effects of stress and depression on ones’ mental health and were advised on the available channels to address them including the cultivation of their spiritual growth.

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