The Commander Kenya Navy Fleet (KNF) Brigadier Sankale Kiswaa presided over the reception of Junior Officers and Sailors who took part in this year’s Sea Training Cruise dubbed Exercise Jitegemee XXIV at the KNF Mkunguni Jetty.

The mission of the Sea Training Cruise was to equip the trainees with practical Sea experience, knowledge and skills to enable them handle ships competently and conduct maritime operations effectively.

It also presented a chance of flag showing and conducting diplomatic visits to selected ports along the Indian Ocean seaboard.

In his address, Brigadier Kiswaa expressed his appreciation to the Government of Kenya and the Chief of Defence Forces for availing the resources that enabled the cruise and training capable.

“The government has invested immense resources in this Sea Training Cruise. It is upon everyone to reciprocate through commitment showing loyalty and dedication beyond doubt. It is the effort of every commander at all levels to ensure that KN personnel are continuously trained so as to enhance capability.The best we can offer to our personnel is training and therefore optimal utilization and proper care for equipments must be ensured at all times” Brigadier Kiswaa said.

He further thanked the families for their resilience and support when their loved ones were on long and short term deployments, trainings and other service engagements.

Second Lieutenant Evanson Mwangi, one of the Junior Officers Under Training (JOUTs) expressed his gratitude for the opportunity which enabled him and his colleagues to acquire skills in ship maneuvers, safe passage and navigation at sea.

This year’s Sea Training Cruise was a positive sight in showing the potential, capabilities and professionalism of the Kenya Navy.

The JOUTs and Sailors were led by Senior Officer Afloat Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Rono to successfully complete the 17-day Sea Training Cruise.


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