The International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) was today feted with the Ambassador’s Commendation by the Japanese Ambassador to Kenya His Excellency Okaniwa Ken as the two countries commemorate the enduring 60 years of partnership.

In his remarks, the Ambassador observed that the institution has been instrumental in enhancing peace and stability not only in Kenya but also in the region, the continent and beyond.

He noted that Japan has had active collaboration with IPSTC since 2008 adding that this has cemented the strong bond of friendship which necessitated the award of the Certificate of Commendation to the IPSTC.

“Japan continues to support IPSTC by seconding some members of our Defence Force and experts within and outside government to offer training and expertise in heavy machinery, enhancing peace operations as well as post disaster response. Our support is not necessarily in monetary value but most importantly in technical know how which is critical in maintaining peace and stability in Africa,” said the Ambassador while handing over the Certificate.

The envoy congratulated IPSTC fraternity led by its Director Brigadier Joyce Sitienei saying that he looks forward to strengthening the already existing strong bilateral ties.

In her acceptance speech, Brigadier Sitienei applauded the commitment of Japan in fostering strong and enduring ties between the two countries which she said is not only evident in Japan’s work but also in the recognition of those who have played a part in strengthening the bonds of friendship and collaboration.

She underscored that the institution has witnessed the profound impact as a result of Japan’s unwavering support through capacity building, research, and the promotion of peace and security initiatives saying over 5,505 course participants have been trained in over 25 programmes tailor-made to address the modern threats to peace and security.

“We have conducted research in the areas of Conflict Management and Prevention, Violent Extremism, Strategic Maritime & Blue Economy, Disaster Management and Community Peacebuilding in different parts of this country. It is this collaborative spirit that has allowed us to achieve our mission and contribute to the broader global goal of promoting peace and stability,” said Brigadier Sitienei.

She noted that the Certificate of Commendation is not just a testament to the dedication and hard work of IPSTC in enhancing global peace but is also a reminder that, in a world often marked by uncertainty and discord, it is the enduring bonds of friendship and cooperation that pave the way for a more peaceful and stable future.

“I accept this Certificate with a profound sense of responsibility, knowing that it comes with the expectation that we will continue to work diligently to strengthen the ties between our two countries, to contribute to global peace, and to uphold the principles of diplomacy and partnership that both Japan and Kenya hold dear,” she affirmed.

“I am confident that this relationship will continue to grow, evolve, and thrive, opening up new opportunities for cooperation in the future. Let us, therefore, continue to work hand in hand, fostering peace, security, and prosperity, for the benefit of our nations and the world at large. Together, we can achieve remarkable feats that will leave an indelible mark on the annals of history,” she concluded.

Also present were Defence Atttachè of Japan to Kenya Commander Kawashiwa Keiko, senior military officers and IPSTC staff.

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