Commander Kenya Army Lieutenant General Peter Njiru is attending the Indo–Pacific Army Chiefs Conference in India. The conference focuses on boosting military diplomacy and collaboration as well as promoting peace and stability in the Indo–Pacific region. The theme of the Conference is ‘‘Together for Peace: Sustaining Peace and Stability in the Indo-Pacific Region’’.

The Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference is designed to provide opportunity for and promote collaboration between land forces in the region, to advance a common vision for an Indo-Pacific region that is free and open, connected, secure, and resilient, reinforcing the region’s capacity and resilience to address the opportunities of the 21st century.

The conference will also provide an opportunity for the delegates to have a candid conversation on military cooperation and share best practices to enhance their interoperability and refine response mechanisms against environmental emergencies in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Army Chiefs and delegations from over 30 countries are attending the conference.

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