A team of Kenya Navy Divers have today, 03 March 2023, graduated after undergoing a 5-week strenuous Deep Diving Course in a ceremony held at the Kenya Navy Training College (KNTC) in the Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe.

The training, facilitated by the Danish diving team will see the divers qualify to dive to a depth of up to 60 metres on Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) which use trimix gases consisting of Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen during deep phases of diving. Initially, the divers used Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) which had limitations of up to 40 metres diving depth.

Presiding over the event, the Commandant KNTC Colonel Eliud Keter congratulated the graduands for the successful completion of the Course, a significant milestone for the Kenya Navy.

“I am immensely proud of you for having demonstrated unwavering commitment to learning and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The successful completion of this course is not only a personal achievement but a significant milestone for the Kenya Navy (KN). This Course has equipped you with a highly specialized skill set that will enable you carry out critical deep diving operations that are essential for the safety and security of our nation,” Colonel Keter said.

Colonel Keter further hailed the partnership that has existed between KN and the Danish Government noting that it has provided an opportunity for KN to learn from the best.

The Commander Special Operations Squadron (SOS) Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Rono urged the divers to continue training and keep improving their capability. He encouraged them to maintain and sustain the skills acquired to enhance their mission readiness.

The Danish Liaison Officer Commander Senior Grade Gaard-Frederiksen applauded the Divers for their capability after being trained by the best divers in the world.

“You have been trained by the best and you are now the best. We are not stopping here, there is more to come. Your training and equipment must be maintained for you to provide unique capacity to support other entities in Kenya,” said Commander Senior Grade Gaard-Frederiksen.

The highly specialized diving skill set acquired will enable the divers to carry out critical deep diving operations that are essential to Kenya’s safety and security.

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