Chief of Defence Forces, General Francis Ogolla today presided over the Eastern Africa Standby Force Chiefs of Defence Staff meeting in Nairobi.

The session is a part of the 32nd Ordinary East African Standby Force Organs’ six-day meeting that has been running since Monday, the 23rd of January 2024.

In his address, General Ogolla extended his gratitude to the delegates and their respective countries for accepting the invitation which, he said, is a show of commitment to regional peace, security and collaboration.

“Our agenda for this gathering is comprehensive, touching on a range of issues that demand our attention. We shall therefore need to foster a spirit of cooperation, sharing knowledge, intelligence, and resources to effectively address the multifaceted concerns that confront us,” he added.

Gen Ogolla further noted that the Eastern Africa community is battling complex geopolitical dynamics, transnational threats, and emerging challenges which range from inter and intra-state conflicts, counterterrorism, and cyber security challenges to humanitarian and disaster relief.

“This not only hinders the social development but political and economic aspects as well. The evolving challenges facing our region require us to be adaptable and innovative in our strategies of defence and security,” said the CDF.

Eastern Africa Standby Force’s Director Brigadier Paul Njema reiterated his statement and encouraged candid dialogues during the session that will enable them to arrive at effective solutions.

“Let us venture into discussions that are open to different ideas and perspectives; in doing so, we will be able to craft a comprehensive report that will be used for decision-making at various levels,” he said.

The deliberations in the meeting since Monday have emphasized the urgent need to address the root causes of security frailty and chart a course that fosters stability in the community.

Simultaneously, the Chiefs of Defence Staff affirmed their keenness in forging new alliances amongst their armed forces as a strategy for building a resilient defence architecture.

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