Kenya Deputy Army Commander (DAC) Major General David Tarus and the Southern European Task Force in Africa (SETAF-AF), Deputy to the Commander for Civil-Military Engagement (DCME), Ambassador Roberts Scott today 07 March 2024 graced the closing ceremony of the Multinational Exercise Justified Accord 2024 (JA24) at the Counter Insurgency Terrorism and Stability Operations (CITSO) center in Nanyuki, Laikipia County.

The field training exercise, which was a joint military training operation between participating countries, aimed to enhance regional cooperation, strengthen peacekeeping capabilities, and improve the overall security situation in the area. The ceremony marked the successful completion of the exercise, which provided a realistic training environment, allowing troops to practice various scenarios, including humanitarian assistance, Countering Improvised Explosive Devices, Medical Evacuation Procedures, Medical Camps, and countering unmanned aerial systems in urban setups.

While addressing the participants, the Deputy Army Commander commended the soldiers for their concerted efforts to practice together to combat similar enemies and solve the common security challenges in the region. He emphasized the importance of joint military training operations to build trust and cooperation between countries and commended the participants for their hard work and dedication throughout the exercise.

“It is important that we have soldiers who gone through here and who will become trainers of trainers so that you can help other soldiers to perfect their profession. This will make it possible to deal with the problems we are having in the region together, Pamoja Tunaweza,” said the Deputy Army Commander.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Ambassador Roberts Scott emphasized the importance of collaboration, unity, and shared purpose in achieving lasting peace and stability in the region. Ambassador Scott’s call to action reverberated beyond the ceremony, urging all participants to carry the torch of partnership forward.

“You should feel incredibly proud for what you have achieved together as one unit. What you are doing is dedicating yourself to your countries to provide security for your citizens to have peaceful and prosperous lives and that is incredibly impressive”, said Ambassador Roberts Scott

Beyond tactical training, Justified Accord allows military leaders and personnel to establish professional relationships. These connections facilitate information sharing, intelligence cooperation, and joint efforts in addressing security challenges. The visible presence of multinational forces participating in the exercise sends a strong message to potential adversaries. It demonstrates the commitment of regional and international partners to maintaining peace and security in East Africa.

Present at the closing ceremony were Major General Thomas Julian Bateman, General Officer Commanding (GOC) 1st (United Kingdom) Division, Commander 8th Brigade, Brigadier David Chesire, the Deputy Commanding General of SETAF-AF, Brigadier General John LeBlanc, Brigadier Kalin Mark, Commander, Land Component Command Hanscom Air Force Base, Counter Insurgency Terrorism and Stability Operations (CITSO) Commandant Brigadier Roba Wario, Laikipia Air Base Deputy Base Commander, Colonel Hilary Kipkurui, Military Police Corps Commander Colonel Charles Odour, Chief of Training DHQ Colonel Paul Koech, Tanzania Defence Attaché Brigadier General Machanga and Rwanda Defence Attaché Lt. Colonel Ephraim Ngoga,

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