Defence Cabinet Secretary Hon. Aden Duale has today inaugurated a 15-member study team to work on the Defence- Civilian Policy with an aim of coming up with recommendations on achieving a more Integrated Defence Workforce.

The team whose membership is drawn from the Ministry of Defence (both military and civilian component) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) was tasked with coming up with viable recommendations to make the Ministry attractive in terms of career progression and retention of civilian staff.

The CS unveiled  the team when he hosted a delegation from the PSC led by their Chair Ambassador Antony Muchiri at the Defence Headquarters in Nairobi.
He observed with concern that some civilian personnel in various cadres had stagnated for years despite offering critical services to the Ministry.

“We want Schemes of Service to attract people in this Ministry, retain them and assure them of their career growth. This shall enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in offering support services to the Military so they can fulfil their Constitutional mandate of defence and protection of our country,” said the CS.
Hon. Duale pointed out that  MoD is a unique Ministry due to the nature of its work adding that the civilian staff working in various departments are tasked with taking care of critical security assets and installations.

“Our civilian staff are not like personnel from any other Ministry and that is why we have to vet them. They should work seamlessly and harmoniously with the military,” Hon. Duale added.
He directed the team to benchmark and conduct fact-finding missions to identify how other jurisdictions integrate the military and their civilian staff.

His sentiments were echoed by Defence Principal Secretary Patrick Mariru who said the study team should come up with the specifics and practical outcome saying the civilian staff offer critical support services.

On his part, the Chairperson  of the Public Service Commission  Amb. Muchiri noted that the establishment of the taskforce has come at a perfect time saying it is time to streamline and integrate the defence human resource for posterity.

He indicated that the team shall by August have come up with the recommendations to leave a legacy for the Commission and the Ministry.

The meeting was attended by the Ministry’s Director of Human Resource Management and Development Dr. Lilian Nzavi, Senior Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Joseph Mutuma, the Managing Director of the Defence Forces Canteen Organization (DEFCO) Brigadier Albert Nderi among others.

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