Kisimayo has had history With Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in 2011, together with the then town Governor Ahmed Madobe,now the Jubbaland President and Brigadier Kamoiro remembers vividly efforts that were involved in restoring peace back then.Brigadier Kamoiro, was among the catalysts who aided massively in Capturing of Kisimayo and now he is back again for the final push,a push that will see Somalia Security Forces (SSF) run their security functions independently from December 2024, if UNSCR 2628 Resolutions is something to go by.

On Wednesday 22nd February 2023, the outgoing and incoming Sector Two Commander,Brigadier Jattani Gula and Brigadier William Kamoiro respectfully, visited Kisimayo troops and thereafter, paid a courtesy call to Jubbaland President,
Ahmed Madobe to discuss how to completely route out hopeless militia in the region.

Kismayo is Somalia’s second city, a modest, sized coastal town with a cosmopolitan history. It is the de facto capital of Jubbaland and where the state parliament and main courts are located.
For much of the last thirty years the town has had a particularly volatile and violent history,this called for the establishment of KDF FOB Camp,the now KDF Sector VI .

The current President of Jubbaland, Ahmed sam ‘Madobe’, has a long history in Kisimayo, including as the Governor of the town under the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in 2006 and as the strongman who led in the capture of Kismayo from Al Shabaab with the support of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and that is why their meeting was timely and of essence on the ATMIS II final push.

The meeting centered on the discussion of Somalia Transition plans (STP’s) and Concepts of operation in finalizing on the plans for the ATMIS mandate.

The two Commanders earlier on had visited the troops in Kisimayo KDF FOB to encourage them carry out the mandate with high level of precision in order to aid in the achievement of the mission at hand.

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