Movement from Kenya to DRC of KDF Troops, warfare equipment and the logistical component of the Kenyan Contigent operating under East African Community Regional Force in DRC has been successful leveraging on EAC diplomatic and military relations.

The cross border liaisons enabled ease of movement, as the convoys moved to Goma-DRC by road through Uganda and Rwanda last week.

This liaison and ease of passage is most significant in the delivery of the EACRF mandate. It also adds to the EAC milestones in the participation by all member states to provide sustainable peace in the region through collective responsibility.

This cooperation and the many other ways EACRF troops contributing countries continue to exercise signal that peace and stability in the troubled eastern part of Congo is achievable.

In the same spirit, the ongoing Nairobi process, FARDC efforts, population support and humanitarian assistance are geared towards the provision of human security for peaceful coexistence.

To the gallant troops, command visits are normally a morale booster. On Saturday, 3rd December 2022 the
3rd Zone Commander Lieutenant General Marcel Mbangu accompanied by Deputy Force Commander Brigadier General Emmanuel Kaputa and Sector Commander Colonel Daniel Rotich visited the Kenyan Contingent. The Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Denis Obiero briefed them on the deployment progress, projections and welfare matters.

EACRF remains committed to supporting FARDC in defeating negative forces, maintenance of law and order, Disarmament, Demobilization, Community Recovery, and Stabilization Program and supporting humanitarian agencies in the protection of civilians thus creating a conducive environment for socioeconomic development.

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