Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla, today received the last cohort of KDF troops deployed under the East Africa Community Regional Forces (EACRF) in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo at Embakasi Garrison in Nairobi.

The event marked the culmination of 12 months of dedicated service and sacrifice by the KDF troops deployed to maintain peace and stability in the volatile region of the DRC.

General Ogolla in his address, acknowledged the unwavering commitment and professionalism exhibited by the troops during their deployment, in the face of many challenging conditions and contributing to a safer and more stable environment for the local population.

“The success and gains made during your tour of duty in the mission reflects your professionalism, discipline and dedication of our forces. I’m aware of the challenges, uncertainties and complexities you faced in the mission, however through your collaborative efforts with other troops you demonstrated strength that comes with unity of purpose.” he said.

He additionally expressed his profound gratitude to the troops for their utmost commitment and representing the nation with honour on the international stage and, appealed to them to share their experience and expertise with their colleagues in maintaining the image of the KDF as an indisputable force in the protection of humanity.

Furthermore, he noted that the efforts of troops have exemplified the East Africa Community ability in addressing security challenges collectively in the region and pledged the KDF continued support in other missions whenever called upon.

The Force Commander, Major General Aphaxard Kiugu, highlighted that deployment was critical in the protection of civilians and fostering of harmonious coexistence between communities.

The Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo had been an area of concern with intractable conflict directly impacting local and regional socio political and economic well-being, prompting the establishment of the EACRF to restore peace and deescalate conflict in the region.

Accompanying the CDF were Assistant Chief of Defence Forces in charge of Personnel and Logistics, Major General David Keter, Assistant Chief of Defence Forces in charge of Operations, Plans, Doctrine and Training, Major General Frederick Leuria, General Officer Commanding East Command (GOC EastCom) Major General Juma Mwinyikai and other officers.

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