The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Base Defence Platoon, serving as frontline defenders, conducted a camp security Exercise PROTECTION WARRIORS I at the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) Force Headquarters in Goma.

The exercise aimed to prepare troops for emergencies, identify vulnerabilities, enhance coordination, foster vigilance, demonstrate commitment to safety, and maintain United Nations credibility.

During the exercise, drills such as crowd control, rapid response time, coordination and communication, flexibility, swift occupation of observation posts, and patrolling in built-up areas were conducted. Troops displayed a high level of professionalism and skills, underscoring their dedication to safeguarding the UN Force Headquarters.

The KDF Base Defence Platoon was led by Captain John Paul Butichi and Lieutenant Abdiaziz Issack, whose leadership ensured the mission’s success, highlighting the professionalism and capability of Kenyan forces within the United Nations mission.

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