Kenya Quick Reaction Force (QRF) troops deployed in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) helped stranded motorists at Ofaye along Eringeti – Komanda road.

More than 20 vehicles comprising of cargo trailers and public service vehicles transporting people and essential goods had been forced to wait for days after the road was blocked by trucks that had been stuck on the road due to the ongoing heavy rains and bad state of the road.

The Kenyan soldiers who were on patrol duties used their offroad armoured personnel and recovery vehicles to pull out the trucks that were blocking easy movement of motorists from both sides of the road.

The road users, who are mostly businessmen and farmers, expressed their appreciation for the help offered by the Kenyan troops. They added that the move helped them avert losses that they would have incurred by staying on the road.

The Eringeti – Komanda road is a key route used to transport goods and services between Beni and Ituri territories. Aid to civilians is one of the mandates that Kenyan troops play in peace support operations in DRC.

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