His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces granted charter to the National Defence College (NDC) on Thursday, 27 May 2021 in Karen, Nairobi. The event was celebrated in conjunction with the NDC Course 23-2020/21 graduation ceremony.

The National Defence University-Kenya (NDU-K) will adopt National Defence College (NDC), Defence Staff College (DSC), Kenya Military Academy (KMA), Defence Forces Technical College (DEFTEC) and International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) of the Ministry of Defence as University Colleges in Defence and Security Studies. The National Intelligence Research University College will be the only constituent College of NDU-K.

The Universities Act 2012, 24 (1) (a) envisages the establishment of a specialized degree-awarding research institution of strategic national importance. NDU-K will focus on broad matters of national security and defence at operational and strategic level.

While welcoming the President, the Chief of Defence Forces General Robert Kibochi, on behalf of the KDF fraternity thanked the President for his valuable support in matters of education and training in KDF.

“NDU-K will endeavor KDFs’ mission readiness in addressing Kenya’s’, regional and global national security issues.” Gen Kibochi added.

In his address, the C-in-C acknowledged that awarding charter to the University is a major achievement to the institution both locally and globally.

“The University will create a critical mass of strategic level administrators and policy makers within the Government of Kenya, Africa and beyond. My government is committed in supporting the NDU-K in order to produce brilliant men and women across all arms of government.” Said the President.

Additionally, he congratulated the graduates for successfully completing 49 weeks of hard work, sacrifice and determination. He expressed his gratitude to the faculty members too for a job well done that bore fruit resulting in the day’s celebrations.

“The multi-agency training in this institution has always sharpened the participant’s character, skills and attitude which has earned KDF respect globally. I urge all ministries and agencies to embrace similar training which is key in all our efforts across the multi-agency approach.” He added.

The 55 graduands, comprised of senior military officers, senior civil servants from Kenya, Burundi, Malawi, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Speaking at the same occasion the Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Defence Amb. Dr. Monica Juma, thanked the President for his tremendous support that has birthed the NDU-K and for gracing the occasion that marked a historic moment in the Ministry of Defence.

“This occasion stands true to our motto of ‘Mission Readiness’, NDU-K is envisioned as a global Centre of Excellence for Policy and Strategic Studies. It will be a tool that leads us towards a better understanding of our operational environment. This knowledge will help towards the realization of a secure, stable, prosperous and peaceful society.” She said.

CS Defence, in her address stated that the main objective of the NDU-K is to promote the National Development Agenda. Additionally, the University will offer specialized courses for personnel in the security agencies to enable them delivery on their mandate and for development of strategic leadership capacity in the public sector.

Lieutenant General Adan Mulata, the NDC Commandant, noted that the multi-agency approach in integrating different security agencies in such courses has contributed to the national and security development for this country. He further commended all the graduates and faculty members for a job well done and for successfully completing this course.

“I thank all the lecturers and resource persons, especially the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies of the University of Nairobi, for their invaluable contribution,” added the Commandant.

Professor Chacha Nyaigoti Chacha, the Chair Commission for University Education (CUE) acknowledged that the Government establishment of the NDU-K will be a benefit of Education advancement in Kenya.

“Granting charter will benefit University Education in Kenya. The University will produce competent strategic thinkers in National Security and Strategy, geared towards enhancing a multi-agency approach in the management of Government affairs.” Added the Professor.

Instruments of authority were officially handed over to the University mandating them to fully roll out their activities, as the President was crowned the University Chancellor during the ceremony.

Present during the ceremony were the Cabinet Secretaries for Education, Interior and Coordination, Information and Communication, the Attorney General, VCDF, the Defence Principal Secretary Hon. Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed, Service Commanders, General Officers, retired General Officers, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Faculty Members and Staff, among other invited guests.

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