‘Clear Lower Deck’ At Kasarani Sailors’ Hall Mtongwe Base

‘Clear Lower Deck’ At Kasarani Sailors’ Hall Mtongwe Base

Brigadier Thomas Ng’ang’a, Commander Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe officiated his inaugural clear lower deck at Mtongwe Base Sailors Hall. Clear lower deck is a naval term used when a Commander at any level interacts with all personnel under his command to share his outlook, discuss personnel, operations and mission readiness, give advisory on matters arising as well as to project immediate and future tasks.

He congratulated the newly promoted and appointed Officers and Service Members and reminded them that promotions and appointments translate to additional responsibility, good discipline and cooperation across ranks and files.

Brigadier Thomas Ng’ang’a, reminded officers and sailors that, objectives entrusted for execution by the Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe required everyone’s participation and cooperation, adherence to instructions, rules and regulations as stipulated in KDF Act.

“Personal responsibility and accountability must be 100%. There shall be a continuous training in all departments in order to add value to each and every individual in our base. By doing so, we will add new skills and ideas which will translate into better professionalism and personal development as enshrined in the kaizen philosophy,” Brig Ng’ang’a said.

Brigadier Ng’ang’a, also addressed the personnel on COVID-19 and discouraged unnecessary movement within the county, being one of the pandemic hotspots.

“COVID-19 is real and is here with us for longer than expected since new cases continue to be reported within the region. This calls for self-discipline, personal and family responsibility where everyone must guide their dependants on the new way of life. We must redesign how we live to defeat this unseen enemy with strict adherence to the Ministry of Health directives of washing hands, wearing masks, sanitizing and social distance,” said Brigadier Ng’ang’a.

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